Solar Wave Theory Group


SWAT Publications overview: 2004-2009

Investigators, RAs, PhD students Nr of Refereed Nr of 1st author Refereed Proceedings (P) Books(B)/reports (T) 1st author Proceedings(P) Books(B)/Reports (T)
Ballai, I 15 7 P17 P11
Erdélyi, R1 66 21 P21+B7 P9+B6
Fedun, V² 10 3 P6 n/a
Jain, R 16 7 TBC TBC
Li, Y3 8 7 0 0
Mole, N 9 6 P2+B1 P2+B1
Ruderman, MS4 30 14 P7 P3
Shelyag, S5 7 5 P5 P2
Taroyan, Y6 13 9 P11 P11
Verth, G7 8 4 P3 P2
STFC PGRs 15 7 P5 P4
All SWAT PGRs 42 22 P22 P12

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1RvFS publishing as Erdélyi. Paper in Nature on spicule formation with over 120 citations since Jun 2004; Papers in Science December 2007 and another in March 2009 (the latter is on the fundamental discovery of torsional Alfvén waves in the solar atmosphere); 8 Invited Reviews; NASA, RAS, BBC, Yahoo,, press releases; TV (NBC, Einstein Channel, Merida State Television), science magazine (Science, New Scientist, Astronomy, Scientific American, Universe Today) & newspaper interviews (Der Spiegel, FAZ, Het Standard, NRC Handelsblatt, + in Brazil, Canada, France, Hungary, Russia, India, Italy, etc.); ²Paper (with RvFS) in Science Dec 2007; Most papers 1st author; One paper with over 20 citations since 2005; 3PhD at Johns Hopkins U. in 2007; Three papers in Phys Rev. (all as first author); 4Paper in ApJ with over 100 citations since 2002; 5PhD in 2004; One paper with over 80 citations since 2005 and two with over 20 since 2004; 6PhD in 2004; Paper (with RvFS) received NASA, RAS, BBC, Yahoo,, press releases; science magazine (New Scientist, Scienence News, Focus) & newspaper interviews; 7PhD in 2008.